Fundamentally bedding retailers must master three things to really drive sales and profits. Competitive products at competitive prices are two out of three prerequisites for success. The third and equally important prerequisite is applied knowledge of a mix of sales driving mechanisms, market trends and brand building remedies to maximize sales and profits

When collaborating with EverRest your business gains access to all three remedies needed to maximize your chances of success

- EverRest BGC
- Competitive Prices
- Competitive Products


At EverRest we collaborate with world class suppliers to make sure that we always have access to products with the best possible benefit-to-cost ration for our customers.

For many years we have worked with the same world leading suppliers to gain great insight into the supply chain as well as understand the mechanisms dictating the price calculations.

EverRest also now part owns a new state of the art production facilities in Europe increasing our flexibility of delivery and increasing our price competitiveness.

With our setup we can ensure:

  • Economies of scale – tapping into huge production volumes even for smaller MOQs
  • No upper limit to quantities – large scale production for large scale customers
  • Uniform product quality
  • Security of supply – developed and fine-tuned over a long period with our suppliers


With JYSK, EverRest has used these competencies to:

  • Secure an attractive and high benefit-to-cost ratio constantly
  • Win all tenders
  • Utilize the large volumes to offer more specialized and innovative products at very attractive prices securing a good and consistent price level for the very broad WELLPUR product range

The 3 ingredients applied

Competitive Products

Close to the heart of our customers and EverRest is product development in search of competitive and innovative products

Competitive prices

20+ years of experience and strong relationships with world leading suppliers result in competitive prices

EverRest BGC

Using the EverRest proprietary Business Growth Concept to drive sales and maximize outcome



EverRest is rooted in Danish Design heritage and has for more than 10 years developed and designed sleeping products combining leading foam and fabric technologies with Scandinavian design traditions


Wellpur is a private label brand of JYSK - one of the largest European retailers. Wellpur is developed, groomed and renewed by EverRest in a very close relationship with JYSK for over eight years now


ColumnaMed is the health care line of EverRest. Developed in collaboration with health care experts using the best pressure distributing memory foam ColumnaMed offers optimal sleeping conditions


EverRest has been in the bedding industry for more than 10 years.

Our products are being sold in more than 30 countries ...and the number is growing.

We source products in both Asia and Europe and has our own completely new state of the art production facility in Europe.

EverRest's headquarters are in Denmark with subsidiaries in the US, China, Serbia and Spain.

Our setup allows us to:

  • Draw on the design and high quality traditions of Scandinavia
  • Spot the latest trends in the global market place
  • Source the right quality of materials and products at the right prices


From our long and extensive collaboration with multinational bedding retailers we know what it takes to succeed in the bedding industry.

Based on our Scandinavian heritage, we have developed a set of competencies which we deliver with attention to quality in all the details.

We know that your success depends on our ability to deliver competitive products at competitive prices...


our knowledge around how to build and drive a complete product portfolio to maximize profits.

We know all the theories but more importantly we practice and fine tune our skills every day in collaboration with leading bedding retailers in driving their sales and profits.

What our customers value is...

  • Our  Customer Services where any request gets full attention
  • The product development in close collaboration with our customers
  • The security of delivery of products of uniform high quality ...on time
  • Our proprietary profit optimizing EverRest Business Growth Concept



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